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4twenty: Stories Examining, Celebrating, Demysitifying, and Normalizing Cannabis Culture
Fri, Apr 14 - Sat, Apr 22, 2017
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$12 - $15
Seattle Center House, 305 Harrison St., 4th Floor
Seattle, WA, 98109
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Tags: Short Plays, Short Flim, Short Musical, Cannabis, Culture, Advocacy, Progressive, Theatre, Theater, Performance, Cannabis Alliance, WARP, Educational

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Content not sutable for those under the age of 18.

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WARP's Spring 2017 Showcase is entitled: "4twenty" This showcase features stories that examine, celebrate, demysitify, and normailze cannabis culture.   WARP Theatre produces short-plays, short-films, and short-musicals. Multi-disciplinary Opportunties are available to all auditioners. WARP Theatre is an educational organiation offering opportunities to anyone who wishes to learn the craft of theatre. No previous experience required! Playrights: Joe Derr, Roger Neale, Jim Fox, Amy Youngblood, G. Mike West, Karen DeMasters, Evan Cristopher, John Paul Sharp Directors: Allison Lloyd, Maggie Carrido Adams, Travis Michael Moore, Joe Derr Actors: Amy Youngblood, Danielle Alexis Nichole Mitchell, Eric Singletary, Elizabeth Hagert, James Merritt, G. Mike West, Greg Beach, Karen DeMasters, Michael Lacker, Molly Blades, & Navia Panelo Scripts: "Bromancing the Stone"; Written by Joe Derr, Directed by Maggie Carrido Adams Bromancing the Stone is a short play celebrating the diverse relationships recreational cannabis can create. Group of friends are dazed and confused. "Do Canaries Get High"; Written by Roger Neale, Directed by Maggie Carrido Adams Do Canaries Get High is a short-play which features a thought-provoking look into the mind of Harry Anslinger; by purposing an intimate connection between Anslinger and Billie Holiday during the days of early prohibition. "Grass"; Script Written by Jim Fox, Music by John Paul Sharp, Directed by Allison Lloyd The Grass is Greening is a short-musical, in three acts, where a young programmer falls in love and finds freedom through marijuana. "Joint Disagreement"; Written by Amy Youngblood & G. Mike West, Directed by Travis Michael Moore Joint Disagreement is a short-play demystifying the Cultural Revolution we are experiencing with the gradual lift of marijuana prohibition. Two young men are taught stoner edict by "seasoned" burners. "Starbudz"; Written by Evan Christopher, Directed by Allison Lloyd Starbudz is a short-play celebrating a not so everyday recreational purchase. Set in a recreational shop, complete with a variety of potency and tolerance levels. "Who is the Criminal"; Written by Karen DeMasters, Directed by Travis Michael Moore Who is the Criminal is a short-play examining the connection between profiteering and the "common criminal" "Waiting for Weed"; Written by John Paul Sharp, Directed by Joe Derr Waiting for Weed is a short-film examining the cultural and societal ramifications of Corporate Cannabis and the neglected communities they affect. Set in the queue of a well-established, but unnamed, marijuana retail chain.