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Maple and Vine
Tue, Jan 17 - Sun, Jan 29, 2017
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Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse
4045 University Way NE,
Seattle , WA, 98105
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Content Warnings:
Recommended for ages 13+, some mature content.

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 Maple and Vine

Written by Jordan Harrison
Directed by Sean Ryan

Imagine a world where you can get anything you need delivered with the push of a button, and easily go days without needing to talk to another person. Can you fathom it? Of course. You’re living in it.

Katha and Ryu are living in it—and loathing it—too. So, when they meet a charming emissary from a community of 1950s reenactors, they willingly follow him back to a world where everything from the clothes to the social structure is more rigid but also maybe (and maybe perversely) more freeing. This darkly funny and provocative investigation of the modern condition asks us to consider how much mobility we’d sacrifice for the chance to just stand still next to someone we love.