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Medieval Women’s Choir Presents Pilgrim’s Progress
Sun, Mar 12, 2017, at 4:00pm
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$30 door/$25 advance/$15 students
University Temple United Methodist Church
1415 NE 43rd St,
Seattle, WA, 98105
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Tags: choral, choir, medieval, music
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The Medieval Women’s Choir presents Pilgrim’s Progress, a concert highlighting music sung and encountered by medieval pilgrims in Europe. Led by artistic director Eric Mentzel, the performance features Marian Seibert and Linda Strandberg, sopranos, Shulamit Kleinerman, vielle, and Bill McJohn, harp. Although most people in the Middle Ages rarely traveled far from their place of birth, there was one thing that inspired and mobilized legions of believers, both high- and low-born, to undertake long, sometimes harrowing journeys: Well-established pilgrimage routes stretched all the way from Scandinavia, Britain, and Eastern Europe to holy shrines in Compostela, Rome, and the Holy Land. Pilgrims were driven both by religious fervor and by the opportunity to see the world. For many, it was the only journey they would ever undertake. Now in its 27th season, the Medieval Women’s Choir is dedicated to recreating and presenting medieval music, in order to increase knowledge and appreciation of this beautiful yet less familiar body of music.