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Annex Theatre presents
dScary Mary and the Nightmares Nine
Sat, Feb 04 - Fri, Mar 03, 2017
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Annex Theatre
1100 E Pike St
Seattle, WA, 98122
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Scary Mary & the Nightmares Nine

Written by Amy Escobar and Directed by Eddie DeHais
When a drop of Mary’s blood falls down down down to the center of the Earth, something Evil and Ancient wakes up in the shadows, and now the horrors of the dark have a taste for her. Mary must go on an epic quest through the Nightmares Nine to make a potion to put The Slither back to sleep and save her soul from his gnashing teeth. Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine is a hilarious and hallucinatory fairy tale that creeps, crawls, and catapults its way through the bizarre landscape of the imagination as Mary fights for her very life amidst the ever-encroaching darkness.

Corinne Magin as Mary
Kiki Abba as Nell
Carter Rodriquez as Alabaster
Jenn Ruzumna as The Librarian
Cody Smith as Doogan
Jordan Moeller as Dirge
Kai Curtis as Simper/Creep Ensemble
Emily Pike as Anna Graham/Creep Ensemble
Sarah Winsor as Creep Ensemble
Raymond LeRoy as Creep Ensemble
Kelly Johnson as Creep Ensemble

Design/Production Team:
Assistant Director: Andy Buffelen
Dramaturg: Maggie Lee
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Stasio
Assistant Stage Manager: Brandon Eller
Production Managers: Katie McKellar and Cassie Bray
Carpenter: Robin Macartney
Co-Puppet Design: Zane Exactly and Ben Burris
Movement Choreography: Table Flip (Eddie DeHais, Alyza Delpan-Monley, Ryan Higgins)
Dance Choreography: Alyza Delpan-Monley
Fight Choreography: Ryan Higgins
Set Design: Eddie DeHais
Props Design: Kayla Rabe
Sound Design: Erin Bednarz
Assistant Sound Design: D.R. Amromin
Lighting Design: Emily Leong
Co-Costume Design: Fantasia Rose and Sydney Tucker