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Shakespeare with Veterans Training
Sat, Jun 10 - Sun, Jun 11, 2017
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Theatre Puget Sound
305 Harrison St.,
Seattle, WA, 98109
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Tags: shakespeare; veterans; PTSD

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Sat. 9am to 6 pm; Sunday: 9am to 5 pm

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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! www.feastofcrispian/events

Feast of Crispian will hold a West Coast introductory training in the hope of inspiring other theater practitioners to create programs in their communities that support underserved populations in pursuit of Post Traumatic Growth! We also hope to inspire counselors and clinicians to seek out arts organizations that can offer their patients a home for their creative expression. Cutting edge neuroscience suggests that the arts are essential in supporting a healing path out of what can be an endless loop of traumatic activation or the numbness of disassociation. Feast of Crispian, Inc. (FoC), based in Milwaukee, WI, has been working with veterans with PTSD and reintegration challenges for nearly five years and has had national recognition based on the positive effects for our participants. Our Acting Shakespeare intensives have seen hundreds of veterans explore and express their emotional selves, discover their voice, reconnect with the sense of camaraderie that they miss from the military, and begin the process of knowing, “who am I now”? The rhymes, rhythms, and rich metaphors of Shakespeare’s poetry work in unique ways in the brain. PTSD can disconnect the brain’s communication with itself and Shakespeare can help reconnect those lines of communication. This 14 hour training will give participants:
  • A foundational understanding of the philosophy and theories behind theater as a trauma intervention, including an introduction to related recent neuroscience.
  • Techniques that allow participants to successfully act scenes from Shakespeare immediately.
  • Simple acting exercises that help participants experience, and pay attention to, manageable emotional activation.