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Silver Kite’s Paper
Sat, Apr 08, 2017, at 7:30pm
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Rainier Arts Center
3515 S Alaska St,
Seattle, WA, 98118
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  "Paper" Silver Kite's Intergenerational Theatre Company Performance Based on the life stories of the Intergenerational Theatre Company (ITC) members (ages 17 - 72), the performance explores the commonalities and differences among generations by the telling of the cast's life experiences through music, dance, dramatic and comedic scenes, and monologues. By using the common object of a piece of paper, the cast used a unique process of dramatic play, reminiscence, and storytelling to create the performance. The 5 men and women in Silver Kite's ITC each represent a different decade of life, bringing unique experiences and insights onto the stage. Cast members in "Paper" include: Ed Gangner, 72 Chris Wong, 67 Robin Dawn Cherry, 52 Arika Gloud, 34 Claire Kiersky, 17 Director:  Jen Kulik, 44 Choreographer:  Hayley Shannon, 25 The performance has been on tour to retirement communities, community centers, and other organizations since February 21, 2017. ABOUT ITC Silver Kite's Intergenerational Theatre Company creates life changing performances which bridge generations and create deep connections with audiences. Our theatre productions are original performances created by the members of our Intergenerational Theatre Company (ITC), using the company's life experiences and life stories as a source for the development of scenes, songs, and movement sequences.