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Nike Imoru presents
The Actor’s Way
Mon, Aug 28 - Tue, Oct 03, 2017
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$30-$35 per class
Theatre Puget Sound
305 Harrison St.,
Seattle, WA, 98109
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Tags: Theatre, training, coaching, film, tv,

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The Actor's ToolKit/The Actor's Way - Level 1 - Stage Emphasis (Stage Emphasis  means that all texts/scripts/scene will use classical or contemporary dramatic texts. We will refer to the audience as opposed to the camera) The Actor’s Way is training based on 30 years of global teaching and a  passion for  live theatre; from tragedy to farce, from classical to contemporary, from improv to intersectionality, from Socrates to Shakespere and from Body to Text! The Actor's Tool Kit/The Actor's Way  is a 5 week course for stage and screen Actors who want a class or a course of Actor's Training at an affordable price with someone who understands Actors in a unique way. When I was on stage for 5 months my mind kept going to Actor's I know who do this full time.  I developed this model in those moments when I yearned for a Coach or a class, not with the director or fellow actors, but with an acting teacher, an Actor’s coach, a therapist for Actors, someone who sees you and knows you. The Actor's Toolkit/The Actor's Way is for Actors who want and need on-going practice in between shows, in-between semesters, or just in-between gigs.  The Actor’s Way is simple. It’s your space for 5 weeks, once a week for 2 hours. Join me, the only Actor's  coach who spells Actor with a capital 'A' and   understands deeply the needs of the Actor, 'any Actor, any age, any culture. If you can't attend all 5 classes, that's fine, just drop when you want a 'tune up', when you need to be reminded of the fundamentals. "Drop in" spots are available to all-comers irrespective of your experience. Pay on the door.