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The Fog Machine Play
Fri, Mar 31 - Sat, Apr 22, 2017
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$12 - $15
Slate Theater
815 Seattle Blvd S.,
Seattle, WA, 98134
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Tags: Fog Machine, The Fog Machine Play, CLP, Copious Love Productions, Fog
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The Fog Machine Play or "Experientia de Apparatus Producens Nebula" Written and Directed By Brendan Mack (and Chelsea Madsen and Rachel Tyrrel too) It is important to note that in the ever changing world we live in, the one unchanging constant is that people love theatrical fog.  No matter how bad your day is, or what life events may be pushing you around and making you feel trapped- oh so trapped so unbearably trapped- you know that would all change if you were given the opportunity to run through a room full of theatrical fog. We are changing people's lives. And by people we mean you. And by Lives, we mean fog. And by you, we mean Machine. On the surface, The Fog Machine Play is a series of short plays, each strung together by the use of a fog machine that was purchased for a production in 2013 but was never actually used. Never given the chance to live up to its full potential. We had to give it its time in the spotlight. While The Fog Machine Play explores the various uses of theatrical fog, it also explores what it is like to produce fringe theatre in this day and age. It toys with what can (or cannot) happen during a live show and how an ensemble rises to the occasion when faced with challenges of live theatre. Part sincere and part absurd, this show will truly be an “unfogettable”, once-in-a-lifetime experience.