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Ardor Creative Media presents
Cine-City October Edition
Mon, Oct 17, 2016, at 7:00pm
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$10 limited advance/$15 regular
Naked City Brewery and Taphouse
8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103,,
Seattle, WA, 98103
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This is the final regular Cine City before our “Best Of” and Final Screening for 2016 and Fundraiser. Vote for your favorite to move on to the November Best Of!

Brought to you by the Non-Profit Ardor Creative Media

Hosted by Nick Sahoyah

Presenting Filmmakers
Tommy Tang “When the Leaves Fall”
Benjamin Owens “I’m Going to Eat Your Brains”
Stephen DeVore “Groundhog Night”
Abby Hagan “Tango En Vie, ‘Absurdo’ ”
Tucker Case Misogynist by Session
Patrick Penta “Jo Jo Tran, Gardener”

1st AMC Oak Tree 6– 2 Tickets
2nd Five Guys – $25 Gift Certificate
3rd Caffe Ladro Espresso Bar & Bakery -$25 Gift Certifcate

Elliott Bay Book Company Big Ol’ Bag of Books- Trivia

AMC Oak Tree 6 2 Tickets (1 Each Ticket per Prize) -Raffle ($1 to play)