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Crabgrass Productions presents
Hardy Drew & the Nancy Boys
Fri, Oct 07 - Sat, Oct 15, 2016
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1114 Howell St
Seattle, WA, 98101
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Features: Open Seating

Tags: Comedy, Gay, Adult, Theater, Theatre, Lesbian, Rebar, Re-bar, LGBT, Humor, Parody

Content Warnings:
21 and over only

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HARDY DREW is a plucky, young detective known for her knack at solving mysteries. And she just might solve this one too – if only there weren’t so many fascinating women between her and the solution! THE NANCY BOYS are brothers who do detective work for their famous dad, Fenton Nancy (whose wigs and dresses are some of his flamboyant disguises, right?) Now dad has vanished, they don’t know where he’s gone, and the suspect’s pants are so distractingly tight! Based on the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books which generations of teens grew up with, we give them a campy twist and hilarity ensues!
Do not miss it – two weekends only!!