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Christian Petersen and Julia Greenway presents
Imaginary Machine
Fri, Nov 18 - Sun, Nov 20, 2016
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1525 11th Ave,
Seattle, WA, 98122
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A three-day long festival launched this year to explore a new and dynamic area of contemporary art: the post-internet movement. The first festival of its nature and scale in Seattle, Imaginary Machine examines “post-internet” through regional and international artists working in sculpture, video, print, and installation works. Set inside the expansive structure of the former Value Village on Capitol Hill, patrons are immersed in physical manifestations of our constantly evolving representation of digital culture.

The festival takes its name from “machine imaginaire” a concept first articulated by pioneering Hungarian computer artist Vera Molnár. Writing programs in an imaginary computer, Molnár created digital art far before the technology was widely available. As computers became more accessible, she replaced the imaginary machine with a real one. Molnár’s methodology has laid the groundwork for contemporary artist to realize the internet in physical space.

A collaboration between new media curators Christian Petersen and Julia Greenway, the exhibition aims to document artists responding to the explosive growth of internet culture. Reflecting our city’s rapidly transitioning landscape, Imaginary Machine intends to position Seattle at the forefront of a truly contemporary art movement.